AI - Artificial Intelligence || Types, Features and Applications [2023]

Artificial Intelligence AI
Artificial Intelligence AI

Unfolding the Topic:

Artificial Intelligence ai is a technology that enables digital machines i.e., Computers, Virtual digital machines (ai Bots), or Computer-Controlled robotic machines to mimic human intelligence in performing certain tasks.

AI is a wide branch of Computer Science, concerned with building or creating smart and intelligent virtual and physical machines.

In this era of technology, automation of processes is almost everything for businesses, companies, and enterprises. AI with its ability to fill the gap and is the most demanding tool of the 21st century.

In this article, you will learn the terminological definition, historical evolution, features, applications, and possible threats that might be posed by AI.

Defining the keyword:

A.I. Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the multidisciplinary study of computer science to enable digital machines to mimic human intelligence by creating new techniques, and algorithms.

Historical Evolution:

The idea of an ai machine, that thinks, can be traced dates back to Greece. But, in 1950 Alan Turing publishes a paper, Computing Machinery, and Intelligence. Neural Networks were made in the 1980s. In 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue beats Garry Kasparov, a chess champion.

But nowadays, ai is used in self-driving cars i.e., Google Cars, and Tesla Cars. It is used in Space shuttles, Voice Recognition, Data Analytics, etc. 

Types :

Reactive Artificial Intelligence:

Reactive ai machines only react to different types of stimuli as per programmed statements or rules. These machines do not use memory and cannot learn with new data. They have limited ai as compared to other types of machines.

E.g. IBM’s Chess Playing Supercomputer known as Deep Blue (1980)

                             Spam filters on websites or emails etc.

Limited Memory:

Limited Memory ai is considered to be the most modern kind of AI. As it uses the memory to enhance itself. It gets trained from the new data it encounters. It is used widely for different ai tasks.   Deep Learning algorithms are used in making Limited Memory AI possible. Limited memory ai is used to build the models that are automatically trained and updated based on the model behavior.

E.g.           Self-Driving Cars


Theory of Mind:

Theory of mind ai is described as can mimic the human mind and has decision-making similar to humans. It can behave and react in the human-social environment as a human being. This kind of ai does not exist currently, but it is assumed that it can be achieved very soon as the research is going into its possibilities.

E.g.  Advanced Chat-Bots

         Search-Engine Bots etc.


    Self-aware ai machine is mythical or ideal in nature. This hypothetical machine is commonly known for having superintelligence ability. This is the superset of Theory of Mind ai. Many scientists and tech tycoons have warned the world about Superintelligence that it can diminish mankind wholly.



AI has the ability to learn new things, solutions, algorithms, and methods to enhance itself.


With advancements in ai, it becomes able to react on the basis of reasons. The Perfect example can be the Space shuttles traveling in space or Landing on aligned lands/planets etc. It takes around twelve minutes for a signal to reach Earth from Mars or vice-versa.

So, for a Space Shuttle driver, it takes twenty-four minutes to encounter any need for action and to respond to it.


AI has extensive abilities in problem-solving the best example can be reactive AI. Problems in Mathematics and Physics etc are usually solved by AI machines.


Artificial Perception is a technique in which a computer uses different sensors i.e., physical or imaginary to make 2D / 3D models. Of this ability of perception, AI machines are extensively used in creating graphical models about medicals, space, and many more.


The ai has the ability to understand and interpret human languages. It hears commands and responds accordingly i.e., in Siri of Apple, etc. It can also recognize the written formats of the text of different languages and converts the text into characters and sentences.

Applications of A.I. Artificial Intelligence:

Speech Recognition:

Speech or Voice recognition can be easily achieved by ai through different audio patterns and models. Mobile/Door locks etc use the Speech Recognition features of this technology to secure privacy.

Customer Services:

It is used in almost all modern stores on smaller or more significant levels, from bar-code scanning to a waiter robot. The new Amazon smart stores use ai to auto-scan items one put in a storage trolley and automatically sums and show the total amount of purchases. This has altered the hassle that is usually created in manual stores etc.

Computer Vision:

Computer vision is used to create models of graphics to pictorialism the digital data collected from sensors. All the data on the nature of far astronomical objects sensed from telescopes is converted into movie formats or pictures by the use of AI i.e., the existence of black holes cannot be seen with pictures taken from telescopes.

Image Recognition:

Image Recognition is a subset of Computer Vision, used in a wide area of technologies i.e., AUTO-Pilot, Self-Driven cars, Disease Recognition, Leaf Diseases, and many other Computer Vision related projects.

Data Analytics:

Data Analytics is used in daily life to sort out required data from the oceans of data in large multi-national companies i.e., Google, Meta, Amazon, and many more. For handling data on an everyday basis, big companies use this technology to achieve their Data Analytical need.


It is most extensively used in many different kinds of scientific projects to bring automation to them. For instance, AI is used to pick the best landing site by image processing and real-time stimuli because the communication of a space shuttle with its human driver from the 

Earth can take around twenty-four minutes to receive any command. And that is more time for any project to crash on an alien's land.

Cyber Security:

Ai is used in many big enterprises to enhance their security measures for data present online or on their servers.

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Therefore, in this article, you have learned the basic introduction of A.I. Artificial Intelligence. The historical evolution of AI, its features, and applications in daily life. The fear of superintelligence has arisen in many big scientists and tech giants. 

The masses are not aware of superintelligence therefore this topic isn’t a global contemporary problem. While it is the responsibility of tech companies to use the controlled applications of it instead of making an ai based nuclear weapons etc.

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