Full Stack Development - Roles, Tools, and Technologies [2023]

Full Stack Development
Full Stack Development

Are You confused with the term Full Stack Development or similar ones?

After Reading this piece of writing, almost all questions regarding Full Stack would be answered automatically. As you would be provided with the definitions of keywords, information about what is the post, his/her role in any software company or industry, its demand in the market, and other frequently asked question.


Full Stack Developer is a technical person who is responsible for the front-end and back-end development of a website or web application. Nowadays the Demand for Full Stack engineers is high as compared to solo front-end or back-end developers. Their job security as compared to others is higher.

He must know the UI (User Interface) – UX (User Experience) designing i.e. Photoshop; GUI (Graphical User Interface) Development i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS Framework, React, and Angular, etc); and Back End (Server Side) Development.


Front End Developer:

The Front-End developer is the one who is responsible for GUI design and development. He / She is responsible to make attractive and interactive web pages.

Back End Developer:

The Back End developer is the one who is responsible for all server-side tasks i.e. Storage - Database management, routing, and other all types of server-side computations.

Full Stack Developer:

This job designation holder is the one who is responsible for both the front end and back end of any web project.

Full Stack Engineer:

The Full Stack engineer is the synonym name of the above The job designation is the one who’s responsible for both the front end and back end of any web project.

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Role of Full Stack Developer:

The role of this job designation is very diverse and large. It Includes all the designing, developing web page interfaces, and back-end development.

The main roles of this job are as followed:

UI Designer:

UI (User Interface) Designer is the one who is responsible for creating attractive web pages or screens in static graphics. A UI designer is an artist/designer who creates the graphics of web screens or pages.

UI designer makes web page graphics in .jpg / .png or .psd Formats. He / She uses Adobe Photoshop etc, graphic software, to make the designs. Their responsibilities include creating colorful pages.

Front End Developer:

Front End Developer is the one who is responsible for converting UX graphical designs into intractable web pages. Front-end Developer is a computer programmer, who creates dynamic HTML web pages for rendering on client’s browsers.

Front end Technologies include:


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating the skeleton of web pages. It is used to create basic structural content for web pages. This basic structural content includes Paragraphs, Headings, Buttons, Links, Tables, etc.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a styling tool used in web development to color and animate the HTML structural content and web design layouts.


JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, that runs on the browser to make interactive web pages. JavaScript was just front-end technology, but after Node JS, it became a backend tool as well. JavaScript can run on the log of the browser because browsers have JavaScript engines inside them, for example, Chrome has V8 JS Engine.

CSS / Frontend Framework:


Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework. It utilizes SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) for customizable and modular architecture. Import the components you want to use; all the elements will be automatically applied with style and JavaScript.

For quick web development and insensitive to the speed of the site, the developers often use Bootstrap to achieve the deadline of project time.


Tailwind CSS is an open-source library for designing web pages. It does not provide a series of elements, like in Bootstrap, but it provides design classes that can be used to design the elements with many customization abilities.

JavaScript Framework:

React JS:

React is a JavaScript library, used to create elegant and robust single-page web applications. It uses JSX (JavaScript XML), similar to JS code embedded inside HTML Code. It was created and maintained by Facebook Corporation (Now Meta).

Full Stack Engineer needs to achieve a Stack, MERN (Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS)

Angular JS:

Angular is a product of Google LLC. It is a JavaScript Framework used to make robust, elegant, and SEO-friendly single-page web applications. Job designation needs to achieve a Stack, MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS)

Back End Developer:

Back End (Server Side) developer is a computer technical person responsible for creating and maintaining all server-side logic and computations. Back End Developer is a technical computer programmer, who creates and manages servers and databases.

Back end Technologies include:

Back-End Programming Languages:


Even today around 70% of all websites are still run by PHP. PHP is famous for its simplicity and clean coding paradigm. It supports procedural as well as OOP (Object Oriented Programming) paradigms of code.


Python is a General-Purpose programming language. It has a wide range of applications. While it is also very famous and useful for the job designation to master it and develop high security and saleable web applications.

Back End Framework:


Django is a well-known Python server–side framework. Django is popular for its speed, security, and large applicational domain. From CMS for content-related small projects to large-scale projects for MNCs (Multi-National Companies) companies. Instagram, a famous social media platform, uses Django.

Spring Boot:

Spring Boot is Java’s framework for the server side. Spring boot is used by big enterprises and e-commerce companies for its security and scalability.

Node JS (Express JS):

Node JS is an applicational extension of JavaScript. It is a framework of JavaScript which is commonly used server-side. It can manage routing, database connection, and other server-side computations.

Node JS Development Environment is Chrome’s V8 engine embedded inside a C++ program, that made JS run outside the browser. This made JavaScript able to run on servers.

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Question-1:  What language is Full Stack?

Answer-1:     Full Stack is a web development technology. In this technology a Software (Web) developer is responsible for designing, making, and implementing all Web Technologies.

These web technologies include UI – UX design, Front End Development which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any JS Frameworks, and Back End Development (Databases and Server Scripting).

Question-2:  What does a Full Stack developer do? 

Answer-2:     Full Stack Developer is one responsible for designing, making, and implementing all Web Technologies i.e. the UI – UX design, Front End Development which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JS Frameworks, and Back End Development (Databases and Server Scripting).

Question-3:  What is a Full Stack Technology example?

Answer-3:     Consider a Software Company, instead of hiring 3-persons i.e., UI designer, Front End Developer, and Backend Developer, hire a single all-rounder web developer (full stack developer), who completes the web projects from start to finish.

Question-4:  Does full stack need coding?

Answer-4:     Full Stack Technology needs technical coding skills. In Front End, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JS Framework, and in Back End Development (Databases and Server Scripting) are required to achieve web development goals.

Question-5:  Which language is best for Full-Stack Developers?

Answer-5:     By the way, this is a subjective question and depends on requirements. For smaller projects PHP and Node, while for Businesses and enterprises Java, C#, and Python – Django would be best for the back end; and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front end. 

However, JavaScript is encouraging Full Stack because it runs on both client-side browsers as well as in servers.

Question-6:  What Salary of the full stack? 

Answer-6:     This job position holder is a very important person in the web development life cycle. Therefore the salary of this job is higher as compared to the front-end as well as back-end developers. 

On average, the designated salary in the US (United States) is $70,000 to $100,000, annually. It can vary depending on the location and work experience of the job's designation.


To summarize, Full Stack Developer – Full Stack Engineer is the most important designation and has a central role in all IT (Informational Technology) companies or enterprises. They are highly paid as they have multiple skills, i.e. front end as well as back-end technologies.

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