MERN Stack : Technologies | Benefits | Roadmap [2023]


                MERN Stack is a bunch of web technologies to create complete full-stack web applications. For Front End React JS is used, for Database Management Mongo db is utilized, and for Back End, Express JS is used.

All these technologies use JavaScript as their coding language. One might ask where all these technologies can be used to build a complete Full Stack Web Application because JavaScript can only run on browsers.

Here comes the role of Node JS, it is a run time environment for JavaScript in a server. All these technologies combined to create the Stack Web Development.


MERN Stack : Technologies | Benefits | Road Map [2023]
MERN Stack

This piece of writing will first answer the theme question ‘What is MERN Stack?’. Further define all the technologies that are used in MERN Technology. Moreover, the benefits of the stack would be listed down, and some frequently asked questions would be answered. At the last, The Complete Roadmap of the Full Stack Development would be given.


                MERN Stack, as the name suggests is a stack/combo of four different web technologies to develop a full-fledged web application. MERN is the acronym of Mongo db – Express JS – React JS – Node JS. All these four technologies use JavaScript as their programming language.

One might wonder how a database can use JavaScript. Well, this question can be valid as all the relational database management systems use SQL – Structured Query Language for commutations. But the case here is different because Mongo db is NO SQL and Non-Relational Database nut it is a non-relational database.



                This section includes all the web technologies necessary for developing a complete Stack WEB Application.



Node JS:

                Node JS is a run time environment for JavaScript code to execute on any (server/client) machine, especially outside the browser. It is Chrome’s V8 JS engine, embedded in a C++ program. This enables the server machine to have all the JavaScript IDE - browser's features.

Therefore, server-side logic designing and calculations can be done with JavaScript. HTTP requests and responses; and routing are done by Express JS and take place in the Node JS environment.

In the Stack development, Node JS provides the server environment for React JS and Express JS to perform their roles.




                React JS is an open-source Front End Library made of JavaScript. It was developed in 2011 by Meta (formerly Facebook). It is maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers.

React JS is responsible for UI - the User Interface of the Web Application. React is famous around the globe because of its architecture of Single-Page UI. React pages are created from reusable components. These components can be stateful as well as stateless entities of UI. React traces states by either React hooks or React Lifecycle Methods.

In this Stack development, React JS is concerned with UI development especially for creating Single Page Web Applications.



Express JS:

                Express JS is Node JS Framework for Back End / Server Side computations. Which includes handling HTTP Requests-Responses, routing, File Handling, etc. Express JS is mainly used for creating APIs – Application Programmable Interfaces for Web Applications and Mobile Apps with ease.

                It uses JavaScript which is an easy language. Hence, Express JS is an economical and good option for achieving fast development goals.

                The most important role of any Full Stack Web Development is server technology. In this Stack, Express JS plays the role of server technology.



Mongo db:

Mongo db is an open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. It is a non-relational and No-SQL (Not Only SQL) database management System. It runs JavaScript code as queries to directly interact with the database.

Many major programming languages and development environments has official Mongo db drivers. While for other languages unofficial or 3rd party community-supported drivers are available.

Unlike Relational Databases which use tables and rows and columns. Non-Relational databases store data in collections and documents. In correspondence with Tables in relational Databases, Collections are used in Mongo db.

In this Stack development, Mongo db does the job of a Database Management System. This technology is used for CURD Operations – Create, Update, Replace and Delete.




Rapid Development:

                JavaScript is a very easy and straightforward language. As this Stack uses solely JavaScript for all its technologies i.e. React – Express – Mongo db, to develop Full Stack Web Applications. This single programming language scales up the speed of development.


Application Speed:

                As all the technologies of the Stack use JavaScript. Unlike other stacks which create a bridge between different programming technologies, this stack uses one programing language for all technology. This makes Web Applications more efficient and faster.


Low costs of development:

                The same reason that this Stack uses JavaScript for all its technologies, the development costs are cut by big margins. Because a single JS developer can do all three jobs.



What is MERN Stack Developer?

                MERN Stack Developer is a technical individual who has strong command on JavaScript. Further, he/she must have sound skills in UI Designing and Server Development. Moreover, the individual should be familiar with Database Management Systems, especially NO SQL.


Which skills are a must for the mentioned Stack Developer?

                The Full Stack Developer, MERN, should have the following skills:

                1). JavaScript OOPs / Functional Programming.

                2). JS functions for Front End.

    3). HTTP Request – Response.

    4). Database Queries in JS.

    5). Sound knowledge of Collections and Documents.



Roadmap for MERN Stack in 2023?



                At the very first, Learn HTML and CSS.

(10 days)


                Secondly, Learn the basis of JavaScript.

(15 days)


                Thirdly, Master ECMA Script-6’s Functional Programming.

(10 days)


                Further, Learn JSX – JavaScript Syntax Extension.

(5 days)


                Moreover, Learn React Hooks and other concepts. And create a static Web Application.

(25 days)


                At this point, Learn Express JS for API Development. Integrate with Mongo db and create a REST API endpoint.

(20 days)


                Lastly, Create a Full Stack Application, MERN.

(15 days)




                To conclude, MERN Stack is an advanced and efficient Web Development Stack used by big enterprises. These include IBM, Uber, and Netflix. This stack is used in messaging and streaming apps. Hence, the stack is very useful technology in the World of Web Development.

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